What to Expect in a Class


we start with the basics 

In Painting 101 the first classes focus on learning the basic skills necessary to begin painting. We mix colors, learn to apply the paint to the canvas, and study basic color theory. It doesn't take long to learn enough about painting to make a painting. By the second class we are painting repetitions of simple shapes and students are already creating interesting object studies.

IMG_0700 (1).JPG

each class is different

We do a different painting activity in each class. From a black and white study to learn shadow and light to painting a landscape that matters to you, each class is different. Because learning the basics does not have to be boring.

our Focus is on observing the world & understanding color

While each class has a specific visual element lesson (shape, depth, portrait, etc.) the main focuses of each class is teaching students how to really look at the world around them and learn how color can be used to represent that world in an interesting way. This involves a lot of experimentation with our color wheels and discussion about how colors interact. 



the painting school classes are fun

Whether we are painting crazy animal still lifes or a table full of flowers, the  painting exercises are created to be as fun as they are challenging. This helps keep learning light hearted and makes it less likely that new painters will feel discouraged or frustrated. Painting is fun. Learning to paint should be fun, too. 

Each class includes lessons on Art History and Contemporary Art because it is just as important to understand what makes a great painting as it is to learn how to paint. So prior to each class students receive a short film discussing what we will study that week and what art history and contemporary art can add to our learning experience.